Yambol Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as project partner in the project                             „TRIP – TOURISM & RELIGION- INTEGRATED PEOPLE /No CB005.2.23.056/, funded by the Interreg-IPA cross-border programme Bulgaria – Turkey 2014-2020, is pleased to invite participants from Bulgaria to take part in the consecutive international event of the above stated project  – AWARENESS-RAISING INITIATIVE IN TURKEY TO PROMOTE THE SUSTAINABLE USE OF THE HISTORICAL AND CULTURAL HERITAGE AND RESOURCES IN THE AREA OF RELIGIONS AND RELIGIOUS DENOMINATIONS IN THE CROSS- BORDER REGION, which will be held in the period  15-17.03.2021, in Sulolgu-Edirne, Turkey.

The lead project partner is Suloglu District Governorship, Suloglu,Turkey.The project is implemented under priority axis 2 “Sustainable Tourism”, specific objective 2.3: increasing the networking for development of sustainable tourism through cross-border cooperation initiatives from the second call for projects proposals under the programme for cross-border Cooperation Interreg-IPA Bulgaria-Turkey 2014-2020.

The international event will be held if the period 15-07.03.2021, in Suloglu-edirne, Turkey.

The International initiative is entitled “Listen, Learn and Explore Religion, Religious Traditions and Customs Live, Through Photos and Videos” and it will include a series of events:

  • Seminar – presentation of the historical and cultural heritage and resources in the field of religions and religious traditions and customs in the cross-border region and the opportunities for their development in the field of tourism on 16.03.2021.
  • Opening of an exhibition of photographs from the region of Yambol, Bulgaria and Suloglu-Edirne, Turkey and a series of videos from the region of Yambol, Bulgaria and Suloglu-Edirne, Turkey of sites of religious heritage that would be of interest to tourists on 17.03.2021.
  • Visit to key sites from the cross-border region of Yambol, Bulgaria – an example of the historical and cultural heritage and resources of the region in the field of religions on 16-17.03.2021.

You can find agenda of the event here.

The project envisages that the international initiative will include 30 participants from Bulgaria, representatives of the target group of the project, namely: experts and staff in travel agencies, tourism associations, public authorities, municipalities and local authorities, tourism-related NGOs, media representatives, experts and citizens interested in the development of religious tourism in the cross-border region of Suloglu, Turkey – Yambol, Bulgaria. The costs for organized international transport, organized accommodation and organized meals for the representatives from Bulgaria ( according to the agenda of the event) are covered by the project budget. The inclusion of those interested  participants from Bulgaria in the international initiative will take place in the order: first applied, first included, until the quota of 30 participants is reached.

Agenda of the event and application for participation can be found here and submitted in the office of YCCI- 8600, 1 Rakovski str. or by email: yccibg@gmail.com from 01.03.2021 to 11.03.2021 inclusive, from 8:30 to 17:30, every working day.

The international event will be attended by at least 30 representatives of the target group of the project from the Suloglu-Edirne region, Turkey. This will provide an opportunity for exchange of experience and discussions between the representatives from Bulgaria and Turkey involved in the event.

    For more information:

   Stoycho Stoychev project coordinator for Bulgaria

Tel. 046/ 66 29 39

Е-mail: yccibg@gmail.com

Bulgaria, Yambol 8600, 1 Rakovski str.